August 9, 2017

Is A Drake & Weeknd Album On The Way? [VIDEO]

Ebro In The Morning
Is A Drake & Weeknd Album On The Way? [VIDEO]
(Photo Credit: Ollie Millington/Getty Images)

Years ago we wouldn’t have even thought this could happen.

Drake and The Weeknd were once in a feud against each other. Now the OVO and XO leaders might be teaming up for a project that would take their home city of Toronto by storm.

During his performance at OVO Fest, he said the following:

“I’m about to go back to making this new album Toronto, just for you.” He later continued. “I want you to understand what this is. I don’t want to do this to you on stage, but I feel like that OVOXO project has to happen at some point.”


The two had a smash hit with “Crew Love” from his album Take Care. Can they recreate the magic?

Watch the footage below.