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March 09, 2017

Is Nicki Minaj FINALLY Ready To Respond To Remy Ma?

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Is Nicki Minaj FINALLY Ready To Respond To Remy Ma?
(Photo Credit: Brad Barket/Getty Images)
It’s been over a week since Remy Ma surprised the hip hop community with her diss track called “shETHER.”
We’ve seen Nicki Minaj comment on Twitter, and show herself off on Instagram, especially at Paris Fashion Week. But the main question remains…will she ever respond?
All indications say…no.
According to TMZ:
Nicki Minaj has no immediate plan to respond to Remy Ma’s vicious diss tracks, in which Remy calls Nicki every name in the book, including a cheater, a tramp and a has-been.
Our sources say Nicki feels Remy’s accusations are being exposed as lies by various people, including Lil Wayne, Trey Songz, Ebro and Safaree. There’s a lot of chatter that Nicki will fall off if she doesn’t respond, but she doesn’t buy it.
There are chances she will respond in the future, and for everyone who gave her four days, to ten days etc., they will just have to wait a bit longer.
At least for now…