May 2, 2017

Mask Off: Rocko Is Coming For Future’s Money!

Ebro In The Morning
Mask Off: Rocko Is Coming For Future’s Money!
(Photo Credit: Moses Robinson/Getty Images)

Look out Future! Rocko is coming for that money.

Once upon a time, the two were good friends on the road to stardom as the then “U.O.E.N.O.” star signed a then then unknown Future Hendrix.

After filing a $10 million lawsuit, he is now owed profits that are owed in 2011. Rocko wants to make sure he gets that money and is now trying to make sure he gets the money he feels owed to him by trying to grab some from the Nobody’s Safe tour.

According to TMZ:

Future’s ex-pal and producer filed docs asking the court to force Future to put his salary from the upcoming Nobody Safe tour in escrow. Rocko claims Future is set to make upward of $5 million … and he wants some of that set aside to cover the $10 mil he’s planning to win from Future.

Yikes. This could get ugly.