March 16, 2017

Meek Mill RESPONDS To Rumors He Was In Jail

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Meek Mill RESPONDS To Rumors He Was In Jail
(Photo Credit: Robin Marchant/Getty Images)

Last night, we learned that Meek Mill was confronted by police officers at a St. Louis airport after an altercation occured.

Reports say that two employees at the airport came up to the Philly rapper for a photo where he allegedly denied. Those employees went to the media with their side of the story.

According to TMZ:

Justin Card tells us he asked to take a pic Tuesday with Meek when the rapper arrived in St. Louis, but got rejected. He admits throwing shade for the perceived diss, and claims that boiled over to Wednesday. 

Card described the tense moment when he says he saw team Meek coming for him, and felt he had to defend himself. His cousin, De’Angelo Webb, also got in the mix.

All parties reportedly were charged with misdemeanor assault. With Meek on probation that news can be even worst for the rapper.

Hours after the altercation he showed up on Instagram to downplay the situation and reveal he wasn’t in jail.


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