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May 03, 2017

Messy: Nas' Ex Carmen REVEALS Reason She Cheated On Him w/ Jay Z [VIDEO]

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Messy: Nas' Ex Carmen REVEALS Reason She Cheated On Him w/ Jay Z [VIDEO]
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Why are we reliving this?
Years later, the battle between Nas and Jay Z has not gotten any prettier over time. The two bitter rivals have a much better relationship these days, but I’m sure nobody wants to re-live this madness again.
Nas’ ex, and the mother of his daughter Destiny, Carmen Bryan sat down with DJ Vlad and broke down her past relationship with the rapper, and her decision to cheat on him with Jay Z.
“The problem was who I was cheating with,” she said. “Now had I been cheating with like some nobody who just wants to play Nintendo all day and smoke cigarettes in front of the TV that may not have been a problem. Okay like Carmen we can get through that; we can get past that. But I was cheating with individuals that were in the same genre of music, the same circles, you know the same company. But I didn’t look at it as if I was doing anything wrong. I felt like this is my circle too. These are my peers too. Like I’m in the box too.”
Remember the single “Is That Your Chick?” That was the beginning of one of the biggest battles of all time. She then broke down her time with Hova.
“I had a relationship with Jay Z. But the thing about Jay Z and I, we were friends before anything. That was my best friend before we became intimate, before we became lovers to any extent, before anything became physical between us that was my friend.”
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