January 20, 2017

MTA To Raise NYC Subway Fare To $3 Per Ride

Ebro In The Morning
MTA To Raise NYC Subway Fare To $3 Per Ride

Photo Credit: Yana Paskova / Getty Images

The MTA can’t even let us start our new year off on a good note. Despite the fact that the subway service continually gets WORSE, they have moved to hike the fare up to $3 per ride. I’m a New Jersey native but began riding the subway in high school – and it was HALF that price back then. Oh, the good old days…

There was an option on the table to keep the fare at $2.75, but the MTA passed on it and are moving forward with recommending a 25-cent jump at their board meeting next week. This will, however, increase the bonus that riders get for every round trip on their MetroCard to 16{bd483ef8fff97925ca6b414cc7e3849cff36102afd5e6d9b16bc5c438af6ada1}, which means an extra 96 cents for every $6 purchase.

“Whether it was low, middle or upper income, the majority of people are buying the bonus pay-per-ride card,” a source told the Daily News.

Under this plan, monthly MetroCards will go from $116.50 to $121. Weekly passes will increase by $1, to $32, and single-rides will cost $3.25 from $3.

The fare hike goes into effect March 19.