March 10, 2017

MusicStillMatters: Nicki Minaj ft Drake & Wayne – No Frauds [AUDIO]

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MusicStillMatters: Nicki Minaj ft Drake & Wayne – No Frauds [AUDIO]

Is this truly the reponse to shEther??? Well I’m sure her Barbs will love no matter what she puts out, and we were all really hoping she sould drop something that suck so the competition of hip hop could come back…. but

My Opinion; no disrespect, but I’m not sure this was the response I was looking for,but yeah I come from a diff era, I care about the culture, the BARS, the flow, the Beat….  . Again I know the Barbs will love it, and in my opinion, the softer side with Pop, I sure some music guys on sites lookiing to suck off Nicki just because there hoping to get some acknowledgement from a pop star…. *Clown Emoji*, oh if you don’t like what I said, you can come tell me to my face, that’s just how I move.


Nicki Dropped 2 more joints, just in case you liked/wanted/needed that;

Nicki Minaj ft. Lil Wayne – Changed It;

Nicki Minaj – Regrets In Your Tears;