Mysonne Shows He’s Gangsta But Woke In #Freestyle046 With Funk Flex [VIDEO]

Mysonne at Hot 97 Studio

If you know this Freestyle Series, you know anything can happen, but one way or anonther, it’s about those bars, rater the lack of or ‘some sh*t’s been said’…. #Freestyle046 is not only no exception, some Sh*t’s been said!!!! Mysonne known fro repping the streets, in his bars and in real life as he’s done time for the very words he spits, but recently that has changed significantly!! If you watched the DC Woman’s march prompted by the election of Donald Trump (or as I like to call him, Supreme Clown Commander, or Contributing Circus Emperor, haven’t decided), you were probably surprised that Mysonne was on the stage giving an artistic POV  that was exactly On Point!! This Joint is not just no different, he’s actually apologizing to the youth he feels like he’s swayed to the glory of Gangtaism…. extraordinary Sir!!!

Most of the Freestyles have been Dope, everyone had fun….. only one I didn’t care for was 002, but this one was the most necessary yet!!!! Not Just the positive knowledge, but the truth about the streets, the truth behind the glory, it may feel good now but Will hurt later!!! Also he kinda called out some rappers about their street bars to let them know stories are stories o_0.