July 18, 2017

R. Kelly RESPONDS To ‘Cult; Allegations; Alleged Woman Speaks Out [VIDEO]

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R. Kelly RESPONDS To ‘Cult; Allegations; Alleged Woman Speaks Out [VIDEO]
(Photo Credit: Gary Miller/Getty Images)


Just yesterday (July 18), a story broke which alleged that R. Kelly was creating a cult-like environment and recruiting girls that are being controlled and brainwashed.

After it became a huge trending topic on social media, the Chicago native decided to respond to the allegations and deny that the story true.

“Mr. Robert Kelly is both alarmed and disturbed at the recent revelations attributed to him,” he said in a statement. “Mr. Kelly unequivocally denies such allegations and will work diligently and forcibly to pursue his accusers and clear his name.”

On top of that, a woman by the name of Jocelyn Savage surfaced as one of the people explained in the Buzzfeed report. She went onto TMZ and discussed the situation. Savage claims that it was her decision to cut off communications with the family.

“I am in a happy place in my life, and I’m not being brainwashed or anything like that,” she said. “I just want everybody to know, my parents and everybody in the world, that I am totally fine. I’m happy where I’m at, and everything is okay with me…I’ve never been held hostage or anything of that nature.”

She doesn’t explain where she is currently living or confirm or deny her freedom to come and go as she pleases.

Some of the allegations include R. Kelly forcing the girls to call him daddy and ask to leave the room, film their sexual exploits, use a seperate cellphone where he chooses who they communicate with, and more.

Watch her comments below as well as the families press conference.