November 2, 2017

Signature Repping East Harlem in #Freestyle083 with Funk Flex [VIDEO]

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Signature Repping East Harlem in #Freestyle083 with Funk Flex [VIDEO]

[Recorded at the CIROC Studios]
Signature, that premadonna chick, Reps Eastside of Harlem strong! I’m not gonna front, I was kinda sleeping on her, until she came up, her energy is very genuine…. and yes she’s very pretty, BUT she’s really not trying to use that to get her ahead, she’s just trying to push her Bars;

Lol, she dropped those Love and Hip Hop bars and we weren’t sure who she was talking to, especially since there’s someone from Love and Hip Hop thats ON FIRE rn, but she broke it down to me, and I’m not gonna put her BI out there, but she wasn’t referring to a cast member, I’ll leave that right there!!

P.S. Y’all see the Street Legend Peter Shue supporting Sig, Pay attention y’all!!