January 26, 2017

What A Shame: Paparazzi Bring Paris Jackson To Tears At The Airport [VIDEO]

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What A Shame: Paparazzi Bring Paris Jackson To Tears At The Airport [VIDEO]

Photo Credit: Francois Durand / Getty Images

Paparazzi really take it too far sometimes, and yesterday was a prime example with Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson.

Just after her major Rolling Stone cover, the photogs caught the young model in the airport, asking her all sorts of inappropriate questions about her father and her interview. Per Entertainment Tonight, Paris is “very scared” of the new attention she’s received after talking to Rolling Stone, and has never experienced paparazzi of this magnitude.

Paris was returning home to California from Paris Fashion Week when the incident went down, prompting her to shout, “I’m sorry, you guys are like blinding me, I’m really sorry,” and Please stop, please stop.”

The video is just…sad. Watch below. Hopefully LAX builds that “celebrity” terminal they spoke of a few years back!

This is disgusting! Michael always covered their faces because he didn’t want something like this to happen to them and it’s happened to Paris!! The guy asked Paris what she thinks about her father being murdered sorry but he shouldn’t ask that!! The women at the end said to Paris it’s ok and that she shouldn’t be freaking out sorry but if someone was chasing her then she wouldn’t be saying that!! I feel so sorry for Paris!! @parisjackson #parisjackson

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