November 16, 2017

WHOA! Dame Dash SMACKED Harvey Weinstein?

Ebro In The Morning
WHOA! Dame Dash SMACKED Harvey Weinstein?
(Photo Credit: Johnny Nunez/Getty Images)

The plot thickens in the story of Harvey Weinstein and his alleged abuse against women. 

Cam’ron and the rest of The Diplomats released their first single together in years titled “Once Upon A Time” earlier this week. During the track, Killa Cam made a wild revelation that Dame Dash once smacked Weinstein for disrespecting a woman. 

The lyrics goes as follows:

“No disrespecting the ladies, word from my team/That’s the reason Dame smacked Harvey Weinstein
On the set of Paid in Full, y’all gave him hell about it/Some foul shit happened once Capo tell ’em ’bout it”

Dame did address his interactions with Weinstein during a recent interview

“But the bottom line is, like, when I look at somebody treat other people wrong, I can’t just look the other way. And any opportunity I get, I know I’m strong, but I’m always gonna make them suffer for the people that aren’t strong enough.”