October 10, 2017

Wow! Rare 2Pac & Nas Pic Together RELEASED [PHOTO]

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Wow! Rare 2Pac & Nas Pic Together RELEASED [PHOTO]
(Photo Credit: Scott Gries/Getty Images)

It was a different time. 

Back in 1994, Nas was considered one of the biggest artists coming out of New York City following the release of his debut album Illmatic

Around that time, the East Coast/West Coast war was starting to heat up in hip hop. Nas and 2Pac was in the middle of that beef and they were in the middle of the beef. Before the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards the two were able to hash things out and make peace once again. 

According to Nas during an interview here is what 2Pac said to him that night.

“‘Me and you are brothers. Me and you are never supposed to go at it. But I heard you was dissing me on mixtapes,’” he said. “I’m like, ‘I heard you was dissing me on this new Makaveli album. We both knew we were supposed to continue that conversation and probably just squash the whole thing. I was scheduled to meet him in Vegas; you and Jimmy Iovine called me at 4 AM and told me he might not make it.”

Check out the photo taken by Al Pereira below. 

Lots of reposts on this never before seen pic of #Nas and #Tupac #1993 BUT let’s please credit the photographer #AlPereira @lasagnakng. Otherwise This is how people like Kendall and Kylie get away with putting photos on T-shirts and not paying the photographers #respecttheshooter #visualculture #shootfilm #analog #contactsheet #contacthighproject #35mm #shootfilm #analogphotography

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