April 18, 2017

You Wouldn’t Believe What El Chapo Is Upset About NOW! [VIDEO]

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You Wouldn’t Believe What El Chapo Is Upset About NOW! [VIDEO]
(Photo Credit: Handout/Getty Images)

El Chapo is sitting in prison, and he has been quite upset since being extradited to the United States.

He hasn’t been very happy about the conditions inside Metropolitan Correctional Center, and now his attorneys are filing a brand new lawsuit.

According to TMZ:

The lawyers say they successfully fought to get Chapo access to a TV inside the recreation room … apparently, he’s a freak for the stationary bicycle.

According to the docs, Chapo’s problem is the TV was installed behind the bike — so when he’s burning calories he can only hear the programming. Which is another issue, Chapo says he has no control when it comes to channel surfing. He says the only thing that’s ever on is a nature show about a rhino, and another movie that’s played over and over and over. 

The attorneys say poor Chapo could choose to stand and watch TV during his hour of rec time, but then he wouldn’t be able to exercise.

Anything to get him from escaping right?