September 27, 2017

Young Thug Arrested Again

Ebro In The Morning
Young Thug Arrested Again
(Photo Credit: Parris Griffin/Getty Images)

It was a bad day for Young Thug. 

The rapper was arrested over the weekend after being pulled over and officers finding marijuana in his vehicle. 

According to TMZ

The rapper was arrested Saturday in Georgia by Brookhaven PD, and booked on one count of marijuana possession. He was also slapped with a charge for having tinted front windows.

Another report says that he is still sitting in jail with no bail after being taken in.

Law enforcement tells us he allegedly had 2.5 oz of weed on him, and cops found the stash during a routine traffic stop. We’re told Thug was initially pulled over for over-tinted windows.

He was arrested back in January for tinted windows. He also dodged a bullet when be beat a marijuana possession following an illegal search warrant of his home after it resulted in his arrest after finding cocaine and illegal guns.