March 28, 2018

Famous Dex WHO’S NEXT Revealed Interview [VIDEO]

Famous Dex WHO’S NEXT Revealed Interview [VIDEO]

“Cameras off, cameras on, I am always going to be like this,”

Famous Dex said in a serious tone to TT Torrez.

We spent the afternoon following the spirited Famous Dex on a bustling New York City afternoon. Packed into a blacked-out suburban, we set off to hit some of Dex’s favorite spots. First, McDonald’s where he befriended some fans and shared some bars with them while waiting for his food. He then brought us to Stadium Goods to help him pick out some new shoes. He even received a FaceTime call from Rich The Kid, CEO of Rich Forever Music, the label that signed Chicago based Dex as their first artist. 


When we finally settled down, Dex shared how he watched hip-hop from afar strategically making a name for himself in a competitive industry. When discussing the influence of Chicago’s drill music, Dex said, “I saw the good, I saw the bad…I saw who got on-and what you can do. So I put my own twist to the music.”  

Dex explained how his brotherly relationship made it easy for him to join Rich The Kid and the Rich Forever team. “Uzi put Rich on to me,” Dex recalled while doing his best impression of the Lil Uzi Vert shoulder shake. Currently, Rich The Kid and Lil Uzi Vert are not on good terms. Rich The Kid’s latest single, “Dead Friends,” takes shots at the Philadelphia artist. Dex has yet to comment on the controversy. Instead, he has focused on the potential he sees with himself and Rich The Kid and Jay Critch.


“Jay Critch got the bars, I got the energy, and Rich going to talk the boss stuff.” The members of Rich Forever have preached unity and putting their group success over individual accolades. 


Dex has accomplished a lot in a short period of time. His single, “Pick It Up,” featuring one of New York’s hottest artist’s A$AP Rocky, has over 130 million streams. While he is pleased with the success of this single, Dex has his eyes set on working with one artist in particular. Before TT Torez could finish the question regarding who his ultimate collaboration would be, Dex says, “Travis Scott.” Dex continued to share a story; “I waited 2 hours in my trailer just to see Travis perform.”


At 24, Dex is focused on channeling his energy, which he credits to his mother who passed away from breast cancer, to forward his career. “This whole side is dedicated to my mom,” Dex says pulling his multi-colored dreads out the way to expose the left side of his face. His tattoos include the national breast cancer symbol on his upper cheek and his mother’s name, “Diane,” in cursive, beneath it. 


“I just want to be known as one of the coolest, realest, artists in the game,” Dex said reflecting on how he wants to be remembered.