May 22, 2019

Neek Bucks & Jay Guapo Visit Leaderboard Live!

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Neek Bucks & Jay Guapo Visit Leaderboard Live!

Are you the next big artist?

Every week, host Brooklyn native, Sha Boogie sits down with talented artists, and plays some of the hottest underground music from Hot 97’s Who’s Next Leaderboard on Leaderboard Live!

Today, we have Neek Bucks & Jay Guapo! They will also be reviewing music from the HOT 97 Who’s Next FB Messenger.

That’s not all! We will be revealing the SEVENTH & FINAL winner of our Destination Summer Jam contest to perform at Summer Jam! Tune in it could be you!

Martell is giving away 3 pairs of FRONT ROW tickets to Summer Jam every week. Hit the link to enter!

You can also win tickets JUST for listening until the end of the show!

Watch the show below.