October 25, 2018

Who’s Next Spotlight: Eddie White

Who’s Next Spotlight: Eddie White

Stage Name: Eddie White

Age: 25

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Describe your sound.

I would describe my sound as contemporary Rnb with a old school flare. Love real vibey melodies, kinda where home is.

Who are the Top 5 artists (dead or alive) that inspires you as an artist?

My top 5 artist would be usher, Chris Brown, the old Mariah Carey, the old Lauren hill, & tank. Now this is a mix of what i grew up on and what i just love listening to as far as vibes.

How did you know this is what you wanted to do?

Well how i knew this is what i always wanted to do is because i always just admired music. I admired the way people could move strangers with the sound of their voices. I loved how music could captivate people and make them cheer up, Party or just feel alive. It always made me want to make something that would make people love me for a song i made or just feel appreciated for expressing myself and making someone else feel good.

What’s the name of the first track you ever recorded? What was your inspiration behind it?

Man the first song I made I can’t remember the name or even the song I just remember me recording in my homie closet (LAUGHS).

But the first song i remember making was a song called “Put It Down.” What inspired that was me at the time being all into the ladies and I use to bag a lot of girls off singing so i made a song that I felt they would like (LAUGHS). And actually my whole hood went crazy over the song. People was telling me I killed that. Now a lot of my music is based off experiences and women.

Who is the first person you ever saw in concert & where

My first concert I believe was Lil’ Wayne at the Excel Energy Center. That’s downtown St.Paul, [Minnesota]. It was definitely captivating. I’ve never been the type to be start struck but I was definitely inspired. It was a surreal moment.

Tell us about your first performance. 

My first performance was actually in a church parking lot. I was hella nervous. Definitely looked like a fool. I was performing with some people I had hooked up with on some gospel music. I did my first couple shows with them.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

The craziest thing I’ve ever done? I mean in what context? I don’t know. Maybe climb balconies to the roof in my apartment complex when i was a kid and try to jump to the next one.

It’s Cuffin’ Season! What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done to get the attention of someone you’re interested in? Tell us the story!

The most romantic thing I’ve done to gain the attention of a girl I was interested in? I mean I’ve done romantic things for girls i already had but that’s not the question. So I’ll say this, I do remember in middle school it was this girl I had a crush on name Tiesha and she had a twin sister. I asked her sister what she liked previously to Valentine’s Day and I had brought her some candy, a honeybun and a bear because her sister said she was getting boxes of honey buns and i gave it to her and she took it and literally didn’t say thank you or anything, and she went and talked to one of my friends. I was hurt. Haha. I almost got suspended that day.

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