August 16, 2017

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Is Hooking You Up With A FREE Costume And Tips For Playing Mas On The Road!

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Is Hooking You Up  With A  FREE Costume And Tips For Playing Mas On The Road!

Photo Credit: Boom Mas


Want to win a FREE costume? Come down to Boom Mas camp Thursday, August 17th, 24th and 31st, at 11pm for your chance to win! 926 Clarkson Ave. Corner E. 54th Street in Brooklyn.


The West Indian Day Parade is fast approaching and HOT97 has  teamed up with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey to give you some tips and trips to help make your mas experience even better!


Don’t:  Wear heels

Think about it – You’re whining, dancing and parading down 4 miles OF  Brooklyn’s Eastern parkway. You’re going to want to be comfortable and save your feet! Make sure to wear comfortable flat boots that can match your costume or even good pair of colored chucks will have you stylin’ in the parade.


Do: Drink plenty of water leading up to the parade

Look it’s going to be a long and hot day. The parade kicks off early in the morning and you don’t stop until late at night. If you plan on playing mas you will be on your feet all day and probably indulging in an adult beverage or 2. Make sure you hydrate.


Don’t: Harass those playing mas

People wait all year for this weekend and spend a lot of money on their costumes. Did you know an average costume costs a few hundred dollars? If you are not participating in the parade then please don’t harass those who are, enjoy the show!


Do: Apply sunscreen

You’re going to be in the sun for prolonged period of time and there’s nothing worse than being burnt to a crisp after enjoying yourself on the road.  For best results apply SPF 30 sports/water resistant sunscreen to best protects you while you’re dancing.


Don’t: Be stoosh on the road

During the parade people will be dancing, grinding and gyrating on you – It’s all a part of the festivities. Acting stuck up or standoffish only ruins the vibe. If you you’re jumping in the parade just be prepared to be danced on. Free up, let loose and you’ll have the time of your life. 

Get ready! We’re counting down to the hottest Caribbean weekend of the year. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey knows what it means to have a great time and while representing your culture. Brooklyn’s West Indian Day parade is the mecca of its kind and draws crowds of close to three million annually to Eastern Parkway. HOT97’s ON DA REGGAE AND SOCA TIP show marks the official kick of the jam packed weekend filled with music, food and culture.

Every year masqueraders partake in playing mas which means you’re a part of one of many of the masquerade bands in Brooklyn and will be alongside other masqueraders in costume.  In West Indian culture playing mas  is the  highlight of the Labor Day weekend  celebrations and to many represents freedom, fun and beauty all wrapped into one. Getting to wear beautiful feathered costumes and  reveling  on the streets  all while showcasing their island pride. 

This year Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey will have complimentary drinks and giveaways at one of Brooklyn’s most noteworthy mas shops Boom Mas, 926 Clarkson Ave. corner E. 54th.  Every Thursday throughout the month of August  you can experience the pre-labor day vibes that will have you ready for the road!