February 5, 2022

Queens Get The Money: Pristavia

Queens Get the Money
Queens Get The Money: Pristavia

Pristavia Duvert is an American Battle Rapper, song writer, entrepreneur, and playwright.

Born and raised in Brooklyn NY, she discovered her passion as a lyricist through coping with the sudden death of her father who died when she was just eight years old. At the age of twelve, she gave her heart to Christ where she soon discovered she also had a gift for song writing and play writing.

The Brooklyn native wrote, performed, and directed several liturgical plays in the church she attended. At the age of twenty four, she was the lead singer of a seven piece band, 24/7. The band played and performed many shows together all over NYC.

In 2020, Pristavia broadened her path as a female MC when she became the first ever Female Christian battle rapper.

She has seven battles to date and in a short amount of time have catapulted to the top of her class. She has performed on large battle rap platforms such as the URL, Caffeine, and Queen of The Ring; a female battle rap league co-owned by P. Diddy’s former Making A Band star, Babs Bunny.

Today, Pristavia lives in New Jersey with her husband and 4 year old daughter.