February 5, 2022

Queens Get The Money: O’fficial

Queens Get the Money
Queens Get The Money: O’fficial

O’fficial is a female rapper born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Best known for her work in battle rap. She is one of the premiere femcees in the world, often described as one of the best battle rappers in music history.

Affiliated with the #0017th and Flatline Her lyrical skills are so notorious that the legendary Snoop Dogg himself has co-signed her. She is the only Female battle rapper with a Snoop Dogg GGN network interview.

She has 8 million plus views in total and is the only female with a million views on and all male platform!

You may have seen her on QOTR, URL, KOTD and many more. If one was to describe her style it would be aggressive, lyrical, and witty!

The competition she has faces had been unmatched, battling the likes of men like Dizaster ,Tay Roc, Rum Nitty, and Arsonal she has proved that she can be mentioned with the men in battle rap.

She has the BEST RESUME out of any female in battle rap. She has changed the blueprint of female battle rappers when she stepped into the games the girls stepped there pens up their personal disrespectful styles turned into lyrical punchlines similar to hers.

She was one of the first out of both females and men to make it from the south to the big stage in New York City. Everybody loves O’fficial because she is ONE OF A KIND, FIERCE, AND PHENOMENAL.