Learn About The History of HBCUs: ‘Making Black America’ Premiering on PBS

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HBCUs have been revered in the African American community for generations. However many may not know the roots of how, why, and where these pivotal institutions came to fruition. Episode 2 of PBS’ ‘Making Black America’: Through the Grapevine will delve into this lesser known topic.

‘Making Black America’ is a four-part series from executive producer, host and writer Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr.which will premiere October 4th on PBS. The documentary style series will shed light on the Black people’s ability to collectively defy white supremacy and define Blackness in ways that transformed America itself. 

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Each episode of the series is meticulously curated to highlight varies aspects of the black experience in the 20th century. The first episode will showcase how free African Americans exercised their self-determination. Episode two will explore the genesis of black organizations and networks. Episode 3 will show how the Great Depression devastated America’s economy and brought Black America to its knees. The last episode, 4, will explore how Black cultural and political movements — from Black Power to Black Twitter — embraced a radical consciousness that championed a new generation.

Watch the full trailer below:

Provided by PBS