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Ebro in the Morning

Ebro in the morning

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Summer Jam: Through the Years

Summer Jam Podcast Logo

Hosted by Laura Stylez

Introducing HOT 97’s newest podcast, Summer Jam: Through The Years, a documentary-style mini-series highlighting four Summer Jams throughout four decades of hip-hop. “Summer Jam: Through The Years” is hosted by HOT 97 personality and Ebro In The Morning co-host Laura Stylez who narrates a series of interviews conducted by HOT 97 in-house reporter Jason Peters.

This series has everything from bloody backstage dressing rooms to GRAMMY award winners being booed! Hear firsthand accounts of hip-hop history, hear stories that’ve never been told about your favorite artists, and learn about the biggest show in hip-hop!

This series explores the creation of Summer Jam in 1994 up to the most recent Summer Jam in 2021! Guests include hip-hop royalty like Ralph McDaniels from Video Music Box, DJ ENUFF, DJ Bugsy Buggs, and Speech from Arrested Development – but also includes fresh voices in the hip-hop game like Capella Grey and DJ Drewski.

Captains & Majors – The Journey To The HBCU NY Football Classic

Captains & Majors is a documentary style podcast hosted by Fred “Bugsy” Buggs, focused on the lead up to the HBCU New York Football Classic! HOT 97 followed Howard University and Morehouse College through their preseason preparations for the HBCU NY Football Classic, as well as the SHOWTIME Marching Band and the House Of Funk. Learn all about the past, present, and future of HBCU Sports with HOT 97. 

Hear HBCU legends like Edwin Moses, Mo’Ne Davis, and Dr. Chad “Sir Wick” Hughes, as well as current HBCU students and staff talk about their experiences at both Morehouse and Howard!

Tap In with TT

Tap In with TT’ is a podcast hosted by the most connected woman in hip-hop, TT Torrez.

As HOT 97’s Vice President of Artist and Label Relations and Music Director, TT Torrez is widely recognized as one of the most powerful women in the hip-hop game. TT oversees what’s in rotation at hip-hop’s longest-running radio station, and has unparalleled insight into the industry. Now music fans can ‘Tap In With TT’, as she gets the inside scoop and gains unique insight into the worlds of your favorite artists. In each episode, TT is accompanied by HOT 97 on-air personality DJ Bobby Trends, whose groundbreaking career has seen him DJ all over the world, working with legends including Jay-Z and Funk Flex.

New episodes are released every Thursday, Season 2 Out Every Tuesday!

Bad Business with Beraq & Daniel

Bad Business

Bad Business with Beraq and Daniel is a kicked back weekly comedy show where every topic is on the table. Hosted by Beraq an Iraqi American producer, DJ at HOT 97; and a musician born and raised in the Bronx. By Beraq’s side is Daniel, the type of guy at the bar going off on rants not rooted in any factual information. Now that these childhood friends have made their way into Hot 97, they’re ready to spread his misinformation with the masses.

These two scoundrels from the Bronx are here for a good time, straight from Hot 97 in New York City with nothing but Bad Business on their minds. Beraq and Daniel are here to have some drinks, a few laughs and talk about everything from news, current events and damn near anything that crosses their minds. Sounds like Bad Business to me.

Apple Music’s Rap Life

Rap isn’t just a genre, it’s a way of life. And Rap Life is where people who live and breathe the culture come for their fix of everything popping in the world of hip-hop. Apple Music’s weekly Rap Life show will go beyond our playlist of the same name and even deeper into the culture. You’ll hear from Ebro Darden and other Apple Music personalities in a mix of new music, artist interviews, and conversations about the tracks and trends shaping the state of rap today. If it happened this week in rap, it’s on Rap Life, a new show on Apple Music. Hear it every Saturday at 9a ET on Hot 97.