Playboy Makes Jordan Emanuel Their 4th Black Playmate Of The Year [PHOTO+VIDEO]

2019 playmate Jordan Emanuel (left) and a playboy model on the right

Photo credit – Edward Berthelot/Getty Images/Screenshot on IG @jordy_Jor


Black girl magic during Women’s History Month!

In the 59 years Playboy magazine has been around, they’ve only crowned four women of color their playmate of the year.

For 2019, Jordan Emanuel holds the title. In an IG post, Playboy said that Emanuel “embodies everything we value at Playboy: she advocates for equality and sexual freedom, she speaks out on what she believes in, and she’s committed to lifting up the voices of others.” Emanuel is the co-founder of Women With Voices, a non-profit organization that provides support, guidance, and resources for women, and Playboy donated $10,000 to the organization.

In the post, Playboy mentioned that Emanuel said, “when women get together and connect over shared experiences, we understand there’s no difference between us. And that empowers us all.” Playboy Bunny Jordan Emanuel is also the first black woman to make the leap from working in the PlayboyClub to becoming Playmate of the month, and now of the year.

Take a look at some of her video and pictures: