Ebro in the Morning Debates & Finalizes The Greatest 50 Songs In Hip Hop History List!

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What are the top 50 songs in the history of Hip Hop?

Ebro in the Morning has been looking to get to the bottom of that debate with a special programming event EVERY Thursday for the past 25 weeks!

To celebrate 50 years of Hip Hop; Ebro, Laura Stylez, Rosenberg, Shani Kulture & DJ Kast Onee nominated two songs each week and the fans voted the Top 50 songs!

This week, they made their last two choices, and debated the list. What made the final list?

For the full list & playlist visit the Top 50 page now!

Ebro in the Morning top 50 1
Ebro in the Morning top 50 2
Ebro in the Morning top 50 3