‘Everybody Can’t Be A DJ…’ – The Future Of The DJ

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We are celebrating the DJ’s today for National DJ Day! This time we are looking at the future! Who are the biggest up-and-comers, who should we pay attention to, and more!

DJ Technician, DJ Taj, OG Chase B are some DJ’s that these legends described as some to look at as the future.

As for the women, DJ Red Bottom, DJ Pearly, Cocoa Chanel, Jazzy Joyce, are some of the names they

They also discussed the future of the platforms used to display the art and fun of the DJ including Twitch, how the pandemic exposed some DJ’s and D-Nice’s highlighting, the promoters role in the future of the art, and more.

“Everybody can’t be a DJ.” DJ Clark Kent discusses the rise of DJ’s across the nation and how some stand out more than others. DJ Kid Capri also discussed the importance of supporting other DJ’s.

DJ Enuff, DJ Kid Capri, DJ Clark Kent, DJ Chuck Chillout & DJ Wallah also give great advice on how to keep the price high for not only yourself, but the DJ community as a whole.

“When you get on that stage… are you worth it?”

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