My First: Lisa Raye – ‘I Saw Myself In Salt-N-Pepa’

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Lisa Raye has had a legendary relationship with Hip Hop culture through the last 30 years of movies and television shows.

The actress looks back at the style during her first memories with the culture, her love for Kurtis Blow’s classic track ‘The Breaks’, her first concert, how Salt-N-Pepa inspired her life, and even looks back at her 2002 single “Would You?” featuring Benzino and Mario Winans.

Lisa Raye shares her story with Hip Hop! Celebrating 50 years of Hip Hop and Women’s History Month, “My First” details your favorite celebrities’ relationship with the biggest culture in the world.

The conversation will revolve around questions such as the first time they fell in love with Hip Hop, first song they heard on the radio, one of their biggest experiences with the culture, and more!