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Kehlani Responds To Kaalan Walker’s Claim About Allegedly Aborting His Child, ‘Zero Truth To This’

Kehlani is defending herself against Kaalan Walker.

They’ve have been at war on social media since he was released from jail on March 5. He got out after an “anonymous celebrity posted his $1.08 million bail. He alluded that A$AP Rocky “saved him”, but in a Tweet, Rocky denied it. He said, 

Last week, Kehlani showed her support for Walker’s alleged victims. Fifteen women accused Walker of sexual abuse. He was arrested in 2018 and charged with nine counts of felony sexual assault

Walker responded by threatening to “expose” the singer’s secrets. He claims Kehlani aborted an alleged child they had together, but the singer says that’s a “blatant lie.” Take a look at screenshots captured by the Its On-Site blog:

Kehlani wants Walker to “get help.” 


Walker’s sexual assault claims date back to 2016. The LA Times report his alleged victims were aspiring models. The victims allegedly told police that Walker contacted them through social media for a modeling opportunity. The women said when they met Walker alone, he sexually assaulted them. 


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