Damn: PnB Rock BUSTED For DUI & Allegedly Street Racing

JUNE 22: PnB Rock performs onstage at the STAPLES Center Concert Sponsored By Sprite during BET Experience at Staples Center on

Photo credit – Michael Kovac/GettyImages

PnB Rock has landed himself in some trouble. 

The Philly rapper was busted in Burbank, CA for driving under the influence after he completely wrecked his white BMW. Allegedly, he was engaged in a street race against a silver and blue Rolls Royce Wraith, going about 100 mph, before he plowed into 3 parked cars causing his BMW to flip onto its side. A woman was reportedly inside one of the cars PnB hit but she is said to have escaped with only minor injuries. 

Officers are alleging PnB Rock smelled of weed upon approaching him and did find a small amount of marijuana on him. 

He was arrested for DUI and reckless driving but later released on $100,000 bail.