Gov. Phil Murphy Announces New Jersey Curfew Due To Coronavirus

new jersey
(Photo by Gary Hershorn/Getty Images)

The Coronavirus has now prompted Gov. Phil Murphy to instill a curfew statewide in New Jersey in hopes of keeping people safe.

New Jersey residents have been advised NOT to leave their homes between 8pm -5am until further notice.

According to various news outlets casinos, restaurants, bars, movie theaters, and gyms must shut down at 8pm, and remain closed until directed otherwise.

During a phone call with Gov. Cuomo, and Gov. NedLamont of CT, Gov. Phil Murphy stated “Everyone needs to stay in and be safe, And we can’t say this enough, that everyone needs to stay in and be safe and just because you don’t feel sick, and this is a particular shout-out to our young people, it doesn’t mean you aren’t carrying the virus. And the last thing that anyone should be thinking about is going out and spreading the disease.”

Stay tuned as we continue to get updates on the condition of the TRISTATE area of NY, NJ, and CT.

Source: NJ.COM