Hip-Hop Legends attend Groundbreaking for the Universal Hip-Hop Museum in the Bronx


Universal Hip-Hop Museum Coming to the Bronx

On Thursday, May 20th – multiple rap legends were in the Bronx at the groundbreaking of the Universal Hip-Hop Museum. Nas, LL Cool J, Fat Joe, Lil Kim, Grandmaster Flash, Slick Rick, and many other iconic performers were all in attendance at Bronx Point, which is still being constructed along the Harlem Riverfront. Speakers expressed their gratitude towards the artform that is hip-hop.

LL Cool J noted that although he’s “truly grateful to be a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee…  it’s hip-hop first.” Cool J gave perspective to his personal relationship with the genre, “hip-hop made me believe anything was possible, it was the first time I heard young Black men sound empowered.” He continued, “hip-hop is one of those things that gave my life meaning.” 

Multiple speakers talked about the importance of having a space to honor and recognize hip-hop artists and their incredible accomplishments. “Hip-hop music came out of oppression, it came out of people suffering, it came out of the Bronx looking like Vietnam – the buildings were blown up. People had to make something out of nothing,” said Fat Joe, a Bronx-native out of Forest Projects. “You can never stop the passion of the people, the poor people – that’s who I stand for no matter,” Fat Joe continued. 

The groundbreaking ceremony featured numerous odes to hip-hop as legends of the craft paid homage to the artform. The Universal Hip-Hop Museum is set to open in 2023. 

Listen to the Ebro in the Morning Crew talk about the museum at minute 10 of the Ebro in the Morning Podcast. “It’s gonna be beautiful to be able to take your kids (to the museum) and be like ‘look these are pieces of history,” said Laura Stylez.