Insecure Recap: ‘Low Key’ Was Issa Right?

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Last night’s episode of Insecure took us on a different route. Fans had a look inside the life of Issa without Molly. 

If you remember, last week’s episode was the big argument between the two “best friends”, that the Twitterverse believes Molly should have been dragged for.  Since the argument, Issa is by herself and looking for ways to occupy her time on her Self-care Sunday. 

She finds herself giving back or trying to give back to those who are in need. Then she ends up at a sip and paint party where she runs into a group of friends visiting from D.C. who are celebrating their friend’s last few days of being a single woman.  

This, however, didn’t turn out so great for Issa in the end, as the group left her at the restaurant to pay the bill. 

Although Issa is going through the ups and downs of not having her best friend around, the question remains “Should Issa reach out to Molly?” 

Kelli, being the friend that she is, has been trying to encourage both Issa and Molly to reach out to each other. Towards the end of the episode, Issa went to her mother’s house, when she cried and talked to her mother about the situation. (It was a really touching mother/daughter moment). 

Before the episode went off, Issa attempted to go to the favorite African food spot to get something to eat but stopped when she saw Molly. Instead of going inside the restaurant, she leaves. 

Now, the question is, “Was Issa right?”