Kyle Banks Talks New Music, Celebrity Crushes, & Dreamville Fest

Kyle Banks|Kyle Banks
Photo by @virisayong |Photo provided by Kyle Banks’ management

Kyle Banks is a rising R&B/Hip Hop star.

The West LA bred recording artist got his start in music in 2018. From 2018 – 2019, he spent much of his time in the studio with Grammy nominated producers/managers, Louie Ji and Meez, trying to find his signature sound.  That sound would eventually be described as trap R&B with an L.A vibe and would later capture the attention of the A&R at Red Bull Records. His 2020 debut EP, Green Light, released independently, has features from artist like Cozz, Kalan.FrFr, Bino Rideaux and more. At the top of 2022, he released his sophomore EP, Uncommon, which the singer describes as more melodic and soulful.

With two EPs out, co-signs from Dreamville Records, and thousands of music streams,  Kyle Banks is carving out his own lane.

We got a chance to talk to him about his current projects, celebrity crushes, and struggles he faces as a new artist.

[Niani]: Was Dreamville Fest your first major performance?

[Kyle]: Yes, that was my first festival. It’s funny because I went to the first Dreamville Fest on some regular sh*t. Now I am back performing. I wasn’t nervous though, I was more excited nervous.

[Niani]: When we met at Dreamville Fest, I recall you mentioning how basketball was your main focus prior to doubling down in music. Do you think you could’ve had a thriving basketball career?

[Kyle]: I would say I was good, not NBA good. You know, it wasn’t like ‘Oh, he goin’ to the league’.

[Niani]: Are you familiar with the Crew League? It’s a new show on Revolt TV where an artist and their entourage compete with another artist and their entourage? In the near future, you may be able to play on that show.

[Kyle]: With Chris Brown and G Herbo? Yes, I am familiar. I am fa’sho better than them. That’s easy. That’s not even a question.

[Niani]: Are there any parallels between basketball and music for you? 

[Kyle]: I feel like you naturally develop a competitive nature with sports so I apply that competitive spirit when I am in the studio. Also I have been able to use basketball as a way to make connections. I actually met my manager Louie through basketball a while back.

[Niani]: You have a single called ‘Bad Bih’ which is about having a come up person who is with you from your lowest to your highest. You are essentially on a come up journey as a new artist. Does Kyle Banks have a Bad Bih?

[Kyle]: Mane, no one in particular. Just out here vibin’!

[Niani]: Naturally, you have collaborated with a lot of artists from California. (BlueBucks, Bino, Kalan, Cozz) are there any NY artists you would like to collaborate with in the future?

[Kyle]: I love A-Boogie, he was one of the first people I started listening to. I f*cks with Lil Tjay and J.I the Prince too. There’s a lot of heat in NY.

[Niani]: If you could date any celebrity right now or in the future, who would it be?

[Kyle]: Hmm…I would say Beyoncè. I gotta go for the queen.

[Niani]: Beyoncé is married! Let me rephrase, if you could date a single celebrity right now, who would it be?

[Kyle]: Hmm..Jennifer Lopez is single.

[Niani]: Kyle, JLO just got engaged!

[Kyle]: Oh see, I don’t know all of their business. I just like what I like. Sh*t, I don’t even know then.

[Niani]: What are some restaurant recommendations you would give to a person who has never been to Los Angeles before?

[Kyle]: There is a place called Fixins.  Its downtown, kinda close to the Staple Center – AMAZING soul food. If you want to get barbecue we got Phillips, and Woodys. Those three for sure.

[Niani]: Being a new artist is not easy, we see the highs, are there any struggles that you experience that make this difficult?

[Kyle]: Yeah, I mean it’s the simple fact of being new. So really, everywhere you go you are trying to make people believe or see why they should mess with you. I was just on tour with my brother Kalan, shout out to my brother Kalan.FrFr, he’s a big artist out here in L.A. Every city you go to, you have to perform in front of people who don’t know who you are. You’re relatively new, so everytime you go out there you have to make a statement.

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