Lord Jamar Goes Off On Eminem: ‘Filthy Piece Of Trailer Park Shit’

Lord Jamar

Photo Credit: Getty Images


Fans were happily surprised when Eminem dropped an unexpected album titled Music To Be Murdered By, however, Lord Jamar was fuming when he heard that the rapper took time to diss him.  


Lord Jamar let go of some of his frustrations in an interview with Vlad TV saying:


 I figured out that I live rent-free in Eminem’s fuckin brain…I got squatters rights in that bitch. And might I say, it’s fuckin’ filthy in there. Okay? He talks about yeah, I’d be cleaning the sinks for Rakim. Yeah, we clean our fucking houses you filthy piece of trailer park shit. We clean our fucking houses. Cleanliness is next to godliness. I’d be glad to clean the house of hip-hop’s sink. Your trailer park is filthy. But I’m in here chilling — you’ll have to call the ‘Marshalls’ to get me out.


Take a look at the clip below: