Previewing Tomorrow’s EPIC Nome X Battle Between Tsu Surf & Loaded Lux

NOTE X freestyle competition
NOTE X freestyle competition

 “URL is excited to bring a marquee event like NOME to the West coast for the very first time. We can feel the vibe from the fans in LA and appreciate everyone tuning in on Caffeine tomorrow at 2pm.” – Beasley

It’s going down! N.O.M.E. X aka Night of Main Events is battle rap’s biggest annual event which is going down tomorrow, July 11. The top MC’s compete for their place in battle rap history, only on Caffeine TV.

The battle will kick off with Jey the Nitewing and Fonz.

16 emcee’s battled in a six-week competition. The final two, Jey the Nitewing and Fonz, “rapped their way onto one of the biggest stages in the culture, NOME X.” Tomorrow, the two will battle head-to-head for a chance to win a cash prize of $25,000 that could potentially change their lives.

The showdown will also include Geechi Gotti VS. Aye Verb.

Gotti shares, “when I was still in high school, I recorded music in my friend’s closet. He had a little studio set up and he took it seriously. He was making beats and all that back then. He was pushing me like ‘Man, you dope. Keep it going.’ I wasn’t taking it that seriously. But as years went by and people started rocking with it, I started to believe that there might be something in this.”

As for battle rap vet, Aye Verb says NOME X is not a big deal. The pioneer says that this NOME is “just another day at work, another stage to desecrate and another win to take home to the Midwest.”

Next up Mike P VS Th3 Sage.

Although Th3 Sage is a christian rapper, he does not like to be called church boy. “On a technicality, I am not the first battler that is a Christian. Other battle rappers were Christians in the culture, but they didn’t really wave the banner of their faith as much as a believer should in a culture of darkness. Where I differ … is my boldness in my faith in the battle rap culture.”

Mike P, straight out of Long Island, New York, has his game face on. He posted via Instagram, “Target In Site..”

Mike shares, “It takes a lot to get me to write. There is a deep mode that I need to hit to get there. I wear my heart on my sleeve. How I look is probably how I feel and I never had a problem expressing myself. My vulnerability I look at as an advantage. You have to show yourself first and speak on things that are dirt or you might not want to be exposed. You can’t be like you don’t want people to know about who you are. I think that is ridiculous. I think the one thing I want you to know, or at least have the best idea of, is who I am. What I am made of. What I have been through. And how much I care about what I am doing. I think that emotion and passion is always going to come out in every single performance. Even if I didn’t want it to, it is just something that happens. It is a thing in the subconscious. The switch gets switched and I am really blacked-out on that stage.”


Before the main event goes down, Daylyt will go up against Tay Roc.

Daylyt is one of the best known battle rappers in the world, and he’s ready to hit the stage. Many don’t know the story of how Daylyt began battle rapping. He shares with All Hip Hop, “I grew up around my older brother, Nut. Are you familiar with Crooked I? My brother and he used to rock. I was like the little kid in the corner, while he and my brother were chopping things down. I was always infatuated by seeing people put words together in extreme and amazing ways (the way they did it back in that era). I was a little kid looking up to my big brother like he was a superhero according to the way he rapped. As I got older, every high school had freestyle Friday high school. Freestyling and battling were things that we did in school.”

As for Tay Roc, AKA Dracula, he  has “always been a fan of Hip-Hop. As a kid, I watched and listened to Jay-Z, all of Roc-A-Fella, the Lox, Wu-Tang, and Dipset. That’s how I started rapping. But I have always been a competitive person with anything I did so rapping was just one of those things I was competitive with. I always jumped into cyphers and took over. That’s how I started battling.”

The two are ready to go head-to-head.

The moment we’ve all been waiting for! The legendary Loaded Lux will battle against the iconic Tsu Surf.

Loaded Lux is a vet in the battle rap industry, and arguably one of the greatest battle rappers of all time. Although he looks at Surf as a little brother, this will be a show to see. “Before then, it wasn’t really nothing. I just appreciated him and everything that he brought to the table as a talent. When we first saw Tsu Surf, we thought he was grand and held him in high regard. And we knew he was one of the ones that could be a formidable participant in the culture. That was actually a while ago when we gave him that look. I just appreciate what he was doing, but he wasn’t on my radar. I look at Surf as a little brother.”

“You watch certain talents when they enter the culture and you are like, ‘Yo that is a beautiful thing.’ Because you know what they bring to the table will make other people tune in because of where they are at. In true Lux fashion, he was not offended when Surf called him out, yet, “blessed to be in the conversation.”

The same energy applies for Surf, “that is exactly what it is? I did my job already. It doesn’t matter how good the battle with Lux turns out, at this point they are going to talk about it. Whether I beat him or he beats me, they are going to talk about it. Once the battle is booked, I’ve done my job. Surf losing is bigger than some of these n*ggas winning.”

“For the last six months or year, they have been talking about me and Loaded Lux (one of the biggest names in battle rap). Me and him battling have a shorter lifespan than the buildup. If you are not putting into the sh*t talking and the buildup then you are really missing out on what is really making you the money.”


Tune in tomorrow, July 11, as all of these great competitors battle it out and compete for their place in battle rap history, only on Caffeine TV.