The Four Police Officers Involved In The Death of George Floyd Have Been Fired

Police Line in Blue and White
(Photo by Dinendra Haria/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

The four Minneapolis officers have been fired for their involvement in the death of George Floyd. 

Jacob Frey, the mayor of Minneapolis, issued a statement on Twitter saying that it was “This is the right call.” 

This announcement was made after a video went viral of a white police officer putting his knee in George Floyd’s neck while in custody. In the video, Floyd can be heard saying “Everything hurts” and “Please I Can’t Breathe.” The video caused social media to become quickly outraged. 

Earlier today, we reported that the FBI would also join the investigation into the officers involved. On Monday, (May 25th), the officers were called to investigate a forgery case and saw a man sitting in the car that fit the description of the suspect. 

According to the officers, Floyd was compliant but then became resistant which allowed for the officers to use force.  The ambulance was called after Floyd went into medical distress. Floyd was taken to the hospital where he passed away.