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June 02, 2021

50 Cent ‘Not Sure’ If He’ll Be Involved In Pop Smoke’s Next Posthumous Album

HOT News
50 Cent ‘Not Sure’ If He’ll Be Involved In Pop Smoke’s Next Posthumous Album
Fans definitely want another Pop Smoke album!
Pop’s Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard charts, was executive produced by 50 Cent. As reported on Complex, 50 might not be involved in the next one.
Fif sat with Kris Kaylin and spoke on future releases from Pop. There’s enough unreleased music to make another posthumous album. Fif said,
“[Steven Victor] talked to me about the new record, and I'm not sure if I'll participate with this, that record. I just wanted to make sure that his record did what it was supposed to. My interaction with Pop was like he was looking at me like I could tell him the right way to go, and that everything would work based on what I was saying.”
50 didn’t give more insight. It seems like something happened behind the scenes, the article notes, but he didn’t go into detail. 50 said,
It's unfortunate that it actually happened. It's like the other side of it—when I'm coming up early on, I'm so connected to the environment that everything in the environment, I'm subjected to the same. Outside of producing the record and having it perform well, I did all the promotion for that record to have it work. They would have put it out and you'd have to find it out of basic interest."
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