November 25, 2019

A$AP Rocky Wants To Go Back To Sweden To Perform For Inmates 

A$AP Rocky Celebrity
A$AP Rocky Wants To Go Back To Sweden To Perform For Inmates 

Photo credit – Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

When A$AP Rocky got arrested in Sweden, people thought he’d never want to go back.

The Harlem rapper even said it himself that he didn’t want to travel there ever again. Looks like A$AP’s attitude has changed.

A$AP wants to help immigrants there as well as provide one entertainment for the people he was once locked up with. Fans questioned why A$AP would want to go back to a place where he was held for a month under gross conditions like feces on the floor. He hasn’t given a reason, but it’s possible he just wants to do something nice for the people of Sweden. 

The Swedish government is considering allowing A$AP to perform since inmates typically aren’t allowed any free time over an hour. 

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TNHT Intern: @yesthatsdee ___________________________________________ Soul ties got you stuck again! Looks like ASAP Rocky can’t get enough of Sweden. Not only does he want to help immigrants there, but he also wants to revisit the jail where he was held captive and perform for the inmates. _____________________________________________ While it’s a very nice gesture, some people are wondering…why on earth would he return to a place that allegedly didn’t feed him and had feces on the walls and almost didn’t let him return to the U.S? _____________________________________________ According to TMZ, “Rocky says he doubted a potential jail gig would even be possible because prisoners there aren’t allowed out of their cell for more than an hour each day … but it appears that the prison is willing to work with him if he goes through the proper channels.” _____________________________________________ Despite the fears, he feels impelled to do his part. Neighbors, y’all here for it or do you think he needs to stay put?

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