Benzino Shares A Clip From 'GodFather 3,' In Response To Eminem Diss

Benzino Shares A Clip From 'GodFather 3,' In Response To Eminem Diss

Alexis Oatman
01/28/2024 11:24 AM EST

Benzino and Eminem's beef spans nearly two decades, and while it cooled down for a period, things have heated up again. Following Eminem dropping his new single "Doomsday Pt. 2," Benzino has been hinting that he has something up his sleeve for the Detroit rapper.

The beef between the two began after Eminem was unsatisfied with Benzino's review of his critically acclaimed album, The Eminem Show. The two have had a war of words ever since. However, now, the stakes are a bit higher, this time after the rapper roped his daughter Coi Leray into the beef. 

In a flurry of posts on Instagram, the former co-owner of Source Magazine makes it clear that he is entirely unbothered by the situation. In one post, he noted that internet slander no longer bothers him because "these guys are soft and absolutely no threat. In another post, Benzino shared a selfie, pointing out that you're supposed to mature with age. "At 58 you're suppose to look at life through a way different lens than you did at 28," he wrote.  

But it's his most recent posts that have attracted attention. The rap entrepreneur shared a clip from the third installment of the Godfather series, where the titular character, Michael Corleone, struggles to leave his life of crime behind. "Every time I think I'm out, they pull me back in," a now-infamous line from the film.

He also revealed that he had an upcoming interview with controversial podcaster Adam22. "What's understood never has to be explained. 😎 @adam22 Stay tuned. #nojumper," he captioned the post, which featured a picture of him and Adam22. 

Check out the post below.

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