June 24, 2022

Boosie Fell In A Lake After A Woman Twerked On Him Crazy, ‘Hit Him Real Hard’

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Boosie Fell In A Lake After A Woman Twerked On Him Crazy, ‘Hit Him Real Hard’

Boosie is going viral on social media. 

In the footage, you see Boosie turning up with a group of women and men while anchored on a lake. One woman twerked on Boosie so crazy. A person in the background could be heard saying, “Hit him real hard with it.” Then things got serious when Boosie fell backwards into the water. 

Take a look:


Today, June 22, a video of Boosie defending a woman was posted all over social media. According to a report, overheard a man taking to a woman in a rude manner. Boosie told the man, “You ain’t gonna talk to her like that. I will beat your azz!!! You ain’t gonna talk to no woman like that.” People tried to calm Boosie down.

Later today, the rapper Tweeted why he got involved. He said, “The reason I told that man that because he backed a woman down until she could do nothing .He kept approaching her after she said sorry. Then he said no you go apologize to my wife too he was doing the most don’t let the video fool u.”

A few weeks ago, Boosie had another viral moment when he celebrated not being the grandfather to one of his kid’s children. His 18-year-old son, Tootie Raww, was cleared by a DNA test as not being the father to a baby his GF was carrying. TMZ reports Boosie said he was “skeptical” about the pregnancy from the beginning.