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December 1, 2022 - Oumou Fofana

Domino’s Pizza Adds Jollof Rice To Its Menu, Nigerians React

Domino’s Pizza Adds Jollof Rice To Its Menu, Nigerians React
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Domino’s Pizza has added Jollof Rice to their Nigerian market’s menu.

The announced was made on social media Tuesday (Nov. 1). “Introducing the New Domino’s JOLLOF RICE & ROAST CHICKEN! Enjoy this COMBO from N1200 ONLY. Order NOW via and get your order in 20min GUARANTEED,” the company wrote on their Instagram page.

This is the first time anything like this has happened so you know social media has a lot to say. “Domino’s Pizza is now selling jollof rice! If the economy grows tougher, you merge everything! Na to run POS by the side remain,” Azuosumili wrote.

“Lmao…When they’ve been making rubbish Pizza. People don’t patronise them anymore. Went to their branch at Agungi recently, not one single customer for hours,” Manlikedee1 joked.

“This is not as bad as people think it is. Jollof as a food goes into the Nigerian culture. Same way pizza is cultural in the west. Domino’s- a restaurant from the west is expanding to Africa, it’s only right that they make food that we like eating too,” Xcllntt tweeted.

Do people go to Domino’s to ask whether they have jollof rice? Let me go and read up about the history of pizza to see if there’s a possibility that there’s a relationship between rice and pizza,” Peero007 wondered.

“Due to the current state of the nation, dominos decided to start selling rice because Sapa no let people buy pizza again,” wrote _Semolee.

“They likely don’t remember the dark days when Domino’s Pizza just launched and they had a literal Jollof pizza. Like, literally Jollof rice on the pizza,” Pnusoro tweeted.

He then added, “People also laughed when Pizza Hut started selling pasta and that seems to be going well for them. Pasta Hut was a bit much though.”

“Nigeria’s economy has made Domino’s Pizza to start selling jollof rice,” another Twitter user wrote.