March 18, 2021

Dr. Dre Wants A Judge To Declare Him Legally Single

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Dr. Dre Wants A Judge To Declare Him Legally Single

Dr. Dre wants a judge to declare that he’s legally single.

TMZ reports Dre’s attorney filed documents asking the court to officially make himself and his estranged wife, Nicole Young, single. Amid their divorce, Dre alleges things have “gotten too far out of control after she submitted false allegations of domestic violence.” 

Last week, Nicole filed for a restraining order against Dre. She claims he allegedly sent her death threats. The article reports she was denied a restraining order. In court documents, Dre said, 

 “Nicole’s ‘false allegations of domestic violence made it clear there’s no turning back. “the producer also says he’s been trying to finalize the divorce since June 2020 but says Nicole is delaying the process.

Initially, reports claimed Dr. Dre and Nicole didn’t have a prenup. He’s reportedly worth $800 million, and he cleared the air that he does have a prenuptial agreement. According to legal documents, Dre is willing to pay spousal support. However, Nicole later claimed that she was “pressured” into signing a prenup and that he “tore it up” years after their marriage, but Dre denied that to be true. 

After 24 years of marriage, they’ve been trying to settle their divorce since last year. 

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