Drake Buys Necklace With 42 Diamonds Representing All The Times He Wanted To Propose

Drake Buys Necklace With 42 Diamonds Representing All The Times He Wanted To Propose

Oumou Fofana
12/13/2022 12:00 AM EST

Rich Flex! Drake purchased a necklace made with 42 engagement ring diamonds that represents all the times he thought about proposing to a female.

According to TMZ, celebrity jeweler Alex Moss stated that it took him 14 months to complete by hand. The 42 diamonds are 351.38 carats. The necklace was made using 18,000 white gold and was set using the eagle claw technique.

In an Instagram post, Moss revealed the title of the new piece is “Previous Engagements.” "New piece titled “Previous Engagements” for all the times he thought about it but never did it. 42 engagement rings, 351.38 carats in diamonds. By Alex Moss New York & Drake," he wrote alongside a video that showcases the necklace.

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The "God's Plan" rapper debuted the necklace at the third annual "Lil Baby + Friends Birthday Celebration" concert on Friday (Dec. 9) in Atlanta, Georgia's State Farm Arena.

In a hilarious skit from a recent episode of Saturday Night Live (SNL), the Toronto native's tendency to mention women he barely knows in songs was skewered. In the skit, the “thousands” of women he’s labeled as his so-called “exes” came together as the "United Tingz of Aubrey."

“For too long, we have witnessed Aubrey 'Drake’ Graham write hit after hit about women who have wronged him, only to earn millions of dollars.” SNL cast member Chloe Fineman’s character said on behalf of the thousands of women.

SNL host Keke Palmer added, “That ‘Kiki do you love me?’ song ruined my damn life. That man had the whole internet asking if I was the Kiki. Well, yes I am the Keke, just not 'that' Kiki. It was my name first. Stop acting like we smashed and give me my damn $6 million.”

You can watch the full “Drake PSA” skit below:

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