FINALLY: Uber Is Introducing A ‘Quiet Mode’ Feature!

FINALLY: Uber Is Introducing A ‘Quiet Mode’ Feature!

Hot97 Staff
05/16/2019 12:00 AM EDT

Photo credit – Tero Vesalainen/Shutterstock

For those of you who HATE a chatty Uber driver, things are about to change!

The car-sharing service is offering a new option for Uber Black/SUV consumers.

Passengers will now have three options to choose from, “quiet preferred,” “happy to chat” or “no preference,” according to a report. They will also be able to let the driver know ahead of time what temperature they prefer, and if they have luggage, and need assistance.

The service will require employees to have more luxurious and newer cars. Uber Black drivers are “supposed” to wait 15 minutes before canceling, but you’ll be charged and they’ll be compensated after five minutes.

However, due to employment laws, since Uber drivers are independent contractors, the company can’t force them to abide by the rules. They can only suggest it.