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July 26, 2023 - L'Oréal Luchi

Under Oath, Former US Intelligence Says The Government Is In Possession Of UFOs & Aliens

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Under Oath, Former US Intelligence Says The Government Is In Possession Of UFOs & Aliens
In, “Can the world get any crazier news,” the United States government has U.F.O’s and non-human bodies?
During a U.F.O. congressional hearing today (July 26), former military intelligence officer-turned-whistleblower, David Grusch, 36, says the U.S. military is sheltering nonhuman origin and has been doing so since the 1930s.
Earlier this year, Grusch gave Congress and the Intelligence Community Inspector General extensive classified information about aircraft with "nonhuman" origins, and that so-called "biologics" were recovered. Grusch says Congress has been kept in the dark about unidentified phenomena (U.A.P.), the new way the government refers to U.F.O.’s.
During the hearing, he told lawmakers that he was informed of "a multi-decade UAP crash retrieval and reverse-engineering program" during the course of his work examining classified programs. However, he was denied access to those programs when he requested them. Grusch accused the military of misappropriating funds to shield these operations from congressional oversight, CBS reports.
It should be noted Grusch served as a representative on two Pentagon task forces investigating UAP until earlier this year. He seemingly retired after filing a complaint for allegedly being illegally withheld from Congress. He also claims he suffered, “illegal retaliation for his confidential disclosures.”
During the hearing, the former 14-year Air Force and National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency officer was asked if people have been murdered as part of a government scheme to hide U.F.O.s. He said he “could not talk about it in a public session,” NY Times reports.
The publication also notes, Representative Tim Burchett, Republican of Tennessee, spoke on a “cover-up” that he said “stretched far beyond partisan politics.” Burchett said, “The devil’s been in our way,” as he listed government entities, including the intelligence community and the Pentagon, that he said, “prevented Congress from obtaining government reports about U.F.O.s.”
Two former Navy fighter pilots, David Fravor and Ryan Graves, described their (separate) encounters with unknown objects. They both claim that it “accelerated like nothing either had seen before.” The sightings were reported, but it’s not clear what was found on those specifically. However, some of the objects in videos released by the Pentagon have been explained as optical illusions or drones, but others remain unexplained.
The Pentagon has denied the claims from the three retired military veterans. Lawmakers call for the government to be more transparent about air safety. CNN reports that no government officials testified.