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August 18, 2022

Gunna & Young Thug Talk To Each Other For The First Time During A Hearing

Celebrity Young Thug and Gunna
Gunna & Young Thug Talk To Each Other For The First Time During A Hearing
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Gunna and Young Thug got to chop it up for a few.

The Atlanta rappers had another pre-trial hearing today (August 18) via satellite for their RICO charges. At some point, Gunna and Young Thug started talking briefly before they were told to stop.

In the visual audio, you hear Thug ask Gunna if he’s okay. Thug said, “you good?” Gunna replied, “I’m good, my brother. You good?” 

Then, in the video, someone can be heard reminding Gunna that his audio is on. Another voice said, “Jefferey [Young Thug], I don’t believe you are muted, either.”

The “Hot” rappers began talking again, and a woman told them that they were being recorded. She warned them to stop talking and “pretend they are not here.” She said,

“Hey, you guys. Everything you all are saying is being recorded,” the woman reveals. “Don’t laugh. Don’t talk to each other. Pretend you are not here. Don’t say anything.”

Young Thug was denied bond again for the third time. Brian Steel, Thug’s attorney, said his client would be willing to “comply with a 24-hour home confinement.” Steel also argued the prosecution is creating a false narrative against Young Thug by using “2014 song lyrics,” TMZ reports. 

Video screenshot photos surfaced online of Young Thug. He’s seemingly in good spirits despite the circumstances and rocked a big smile. Take a look:

In May, Young Thug, Gunna, and 26 YSL members were indicted on RICO charges and are accused of operating a violent street gang. Young Thug is believed to be the ring leader. The trial date is set for January 9, 2023.