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June 26, 2022

Young Thug Has Suicidal Thoughts, Lil Tjay Shooting, Nipsey Hussle Update

HOT News
Young Thug Has Suicidal Thoughts, Lil Tjay Shooting, Nipsey Hussle Update

Lil Tjay:

Bronx rapper Lil Tjay is recovering from
after getting shot multiple times at a shopping center in Edgewater, New Jersey. Prosecutors say the attack was an attempted robbery against the rapper and two people he was with. Police arrested three men; one is facing attempted murder, armed robbery, and a weapons charge.

Chris Brown:

Hip hop heads got involved in heavy
about Chris Brown and MJ comparisons in the last few years. During a recent
, Chris Brown tells the world exactly how he feels about it.

Nipsey Hussle:

The woman who drove Eric Holder to Nipsey’s marathon clothing store, Bryannita Nicholson, took the stand and claimed she had no idea Eric was going to murder Nipsey. Bryannita says she only knew Eric for about five weeks. She saw Eric pull a gun out, she took him around the corner, she claims she didn’t see the shooting but heard gun shots. After Eric killed Nipsey, he returned to Bryannita’s car, and she took him to LA.
Bryannita received
in exchange for her testimony. Eric is facing life if convicted.

Young Thug:

Young Thug dropped a jailhouse freestyle and said he’s suicidal. He said he’s been contemplating taking his life. He also asked God for a second chance and addressed the legal system using his lyrics against him and creating a narrative about him.
Young Thug and Gunna were indicted on RICO charges for their alleged involvement in the YSL gang. Both Atlanta rappers were denied bail, and their trial begins next year.

Ludacris & Martin Lawerence:

Ludacris and Martin Lawrence are getting honored in a significant way. They’ll both receive a star on the
in 2023.

Jussie Smollett:

is still claiming he’s innocent of MAGA /
In a new interview, he said, “If I had done something like this, it would mean that I stuck my fist in the pain of black African Americans in this country for over 400 years.”
Although his acting career cooled off, he’s working on something else in the entertainment industry.

Beyoncè x Drake:

Beyonce & Drake are bringing 90’s house music back to life.
Beyonce & Drake are bringing 90’s house
back to life. Beyonce dropped “Break My Soul and Drake released a new project called
Honestly Nevermind,
which is also a jersey club-inspired sound. Many online debates about this revived sound; let us know your thoughts.