Ice Spice Goes Viral After She Poses Without Makeup In New Pictures

Ice Spice Goes Viral After She Poses Without Makeup In New Pictures

Hot97 Staff
12/13/2023 12:00 AM EST

Ice Spice has the internet going crazy after a picture of her with no makeup on goes viral.

A Twitter user shared the fresh-faced picture and captioned it, "Ice Spice no makeup on. [I don't know] how to feel anymore..." 

Fans slammed those comments- declaring "she’s a goddess..." Another fan comments on her pink hair in the picture. "Hair look like a wig bruh.." Which it is obviously a wig, a fan replies, "how do we tell him.."

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We previously reported that during an interview with the Los Angeles TimesIce Spice is keeping her dating life under wraps- but with good reason. She says she's keeping it a secret "to keep their focus on what I’m here for, which is music." 

She also opened up about her recording process and how hard it was for her in the beginning of her career. “It’s a lot of effort. I’ve spent countless hours in the studio, I’ve cried in the booth. When I was first learning how to record, I didn’t like my voice, and I had to keep finding pockets. One time I was recording a song, and one of the lines took me, I kid you not, 400 takes."

She continued, "just an unnecessary amount of takes. I realized in that moment I had to get better, and only time lets you get better. I had to learn pitch, like really study it,” she says with a smile. “But thankfully that was years ago and it sounds way better.”