June 5, 2018

J Prince Says Kanye Called To End Drake & Pusha T Beef + Speaks On Being At Odds w/ Cash Money [VIDEO]

J Prince Says Kanye Called To End Drake & Pusha T Beef + Speaks On Being At Odds w/ Cash Money [VIDEO]

Legend of hip hop, Rap-A-Lot records founder J. Prince stepped up to Ebro in the Morning to recount some classic stories.

He reveals how he founded the record company, and gave stories behind cooling off some of the most classic beefs in history.

Prince also breaks down how he ended the Pusha T and Drake beef, revealing that Kanye West initially made the call.

“It’s something Kanye didn’t want, he said. “He called me. This is something he didn’t want. [Before the tweet he sent out saying beef is over,] he let me know ‘I’m a family man. I don’t want this.” He then analyzed the situation, and felt he was going to hurt Kanye.

Following that conversation he spoke to Mike Dean, “why say these things that are about to be said, and destroy his livelihood, we ain’t about that.

Prince speaks on how his son Jas Prince discovered Drake while he was on tour with Cash Money. Jas Prince’s first artist was Drake. surprisingly enough Lil’ Wayne wasn’t really feeling him first listen.

“Wayne didn’t like him the first time he heard him,” he said. “Then Jas got creative and put him on the “A Milli” beef and Wayne was like ‘who dis?’

Prince has been cooling off beefs for years. He breaks down how he cooled off the Pimp C vs Master P beef, why he couldn’t mediate the infamous east coast vs west coast beef which originated from 2Pac and Notorious B.I.G., and more.

Before leaving he revealed that there are some problems between himself and Cash Money over some money. Something he is now dealing with Universal directly.

“It’s no secret right now that we’re at odds,” he said. “As long as my son money is concerned. Of course some have been given. All of it is going to have to be given. The thing is like, Cash Money is like extended family. Their guys is down from the south where I’m from, and I got love for them. I can’t speak for that other situation, but I think as for as we are concerned, it’s a situation where they don’t really have it, and now I’m on a role having a conversation with Universal directly. I think it’s going to be resolved real soon.”

He also breaks down some more classic stories from the Rap-A-Lot days including some inside information we may not have heard about before about Bushwick Bill’s gun incident, and much more.

His book The Art & Science of Respect: A Memoir available now.

Watch the full interview below.