May 4, 2021

Jeannie Mai Shares The Real Reason She Didn’t Invite CoHosts To Her & Jeezy’s Wedding

Jeannie Mai Shares The Real Reason She Didn’t Invite CoHosts To Her & Jeezy’s Wedding

Jeannie Mai is opening up on the real reason her cohosts weren’t invited to her wedding.

Jeannie tied the knot with Jeezy on March 27. They had a small, intimate wedding with their closest friends/family due to the pandemic. 

Fans questioned why Jeannie’s The Real cohosts weren’t there. As reported on Page Six, Jeannie explained to people on her YouTube channel she and Jeezy only invited people that knew them both. Due to COVID-19, they had to make sacrifices with the guest list. She said, “So we had a very COVID-safe wedding in our home. Which means, I mean…literally just a couple…there were two tables in our living room of our closest, closest family and friends. People I grew up with. People that had to know me and [Jeezy]. Those were the two rules.” Jeannie went on to talk about how they made the guest list.

“J made my list, and I made his list. And we were very firm on, because of COVID, you’re not supposed to be throwing events right now. You’re not supposed to be putting anybody at risk. So, with our family, we said ‘we are only going to invite our close family and people who know us both.'”

Jeannie went on to say she let her cohosts know ahead of time, and they weren’t “blind-sided.” She said they were the first to know of the small wedding ceremony. She added that once the world opens back up, she and Jeezy plan on having a large wedding with everyone.

However, fans speculate there’s a “deeper” reason Jeannie’s cohosts weren’t invited. Jeannie liked a detailed comment from a fan that said it’s okay if people outgrow each other. In another part of the comment, Jeannie’s cohost “mistreated” her over the years. Take a look at a screenshot captured by the It’s On-Site blog:

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Jeezy and Jeannie Mai began dating in 2018. Last year in April, Jeezy popped the question and she said YES!